Women Sugar & Wax
Womens Sugaring & Waxing Services

Brazilian Wax $35

Bikini Wax $25

Full Leg Wax $45

1/2 Leg Wax $20

Arm Wax $25

Under Arm Wax $15

Stomach $10

Eyebrow Wax $15

Nose/Ear Wax $10

Feet/Toes Wax. $10

Upper Lip $10

Chin Wax $10

EPILLYSS WAX- A decadent, creamy wax with the aroma of warm brownies from natural cacao butter. Chocolate contains the neurotransmitter serotonin which promotes a feeling of Peace and Well-being.  This depilatory gel contains Bioresine C3 which holds vasodilatatory properties that will help reduce the feeling of pain, redness and soreness. The cocoa is well known for its antioxidizing effect due to the intergrated pressence of vitamin E. Moreover, it participates in the resturucturing of the skin and prevents skin dehydration in supplying litheness, softness and tonicity. Its chocolate fragrnce is soothing and comforting. This creamy milkchocolate colour gel enhances the softness of your skin and covers a much more extensive area than the majority of gels. It is also in great demand for sensitive skin.

Waxing/Sugaring Do's
  • Do exfoliate on a daily basis. Using a salt scrub is great, but to be more cost effective and to reduce the chance of oil clogged pores, use a exfoliating glove or a natural loofah sponge. 
  • Do keep the area away from constant friction, such as low rider jeans. This can create irritation and result in ingrown hairs. 
  • Do use lubrication during heavy make out session immediately after your treatment to prevent further irritation. The waxed area can be slightly inflamed for 2-24 hours afterwards, so skin on skin friction is best if postponed for the day. If necessary, lubrication can provide a barrier and extra sensitivity is made more comfortable.
  • Do drink plenty of water. Urine can cause discomfort to open follicles and is best if diluted. 
  • Do shower immediately after exercise, this will keep follicles clear and bacteria free. 
  • Do apply a cold compress to the area if your skin is sensitive after treatment. Circulation is increased with hair removal and can create a warm sensation. Cooling will help to constrict blood vessels and will relieve any irritation. 
  • Do spot treat healing ingrown hairs with Polysporin. Moist skin heals more quickly and the Polysporin will create a barrier to protect the skin during the process. 
  • Do book your waxing appointments 3-5 weeks apart. The hair grows in 3 different cycles, so in order to get the best results we need to weaken each stage by removing each growth as it comes through. With consistent appointments the hair will soften and thin away.   
Waxing/Sugaring Don'ts
  • Don't pick at ingrown hairs. The bacteria found in infected follicles weakens the pore lining. Squeezing the ingrowns can cause greater inflammation, infection to surrounding pores, and will slow the healing process.
  • Don't do excessive activity immediately after appointment. Uric acid and salt in your perspiration could be mildly irritating to the area.
  • Don't apply lotions, gels, or creams to the area the same day as your treatment. This can cause increased sensitivity and irritation. Especially avoid fragranced and alcohol based products.
  • Don't sunbathe or go in a tanning bed 24 hours prior or post treatment (exposing the treated area). This may dry the skin prior to treatment and cause the skin to lift. After treatment, the increased circulation may be extra sensitive to sun exposure and cause discomfort.
  • Don't shave between treatments. The goal of consistent hair removal is to damage the root of the hair, so that it grows back softer, finer, and fewer in numbers. Shaving will upset appointment times, and delay the long term benefits.
  • Don't plan to wax when premenstrual. Most women are more sensitive and tender around this time, and the treatment may be slightly more uncomfortable.